donderdag 27 juli 2017

Painting on envelopes #snailmail #artmail #letters

I love to turn my envelopes into something personal and artsy with a little painting on it to surprise my friends , I love snailmail .

Do you love snailmail too?

dinsdag 18 juli 2017

A sketch in the garden on a beautiful sunny day .#watercolour #sketch #sketchbook #Hahnemühle #dailyart

I made a sketch from  the wildflowers we have sown in our garden to attract butterflies and Bees, and they seems very happy with it . It is in my larger Hahnemühle Watercolour Book (30x22 cm)

I hope you all had some time too to be creative.

maandag 17 juli 2017

New painting :"Do you know what to do now the polar ice caps are melting?"

And here it is ,my new painting about global warming.
Oil on canvas 70x60 x2 cm .
"Do you know what to do now the polar ice caps are melting?"
When I just finished this painting I heard on the news about the giant burst in the ice sheet on Antarctica, it's time to take action !
Through my paintings I try to bring big issues and questions into our everyday life and I love to do this in a rather 'playful' way.
ps.the name on the painting is digital.
I hope you will give this a thought and wish you a beautiful day.
#globalwarmingup #polarcaps #icecaps #Antarctica #pingouins

woensdag 12 juli 2017

The influence of a dead bird. #collage

Lately I found unfortunately a dead bird on our terrace. They are so vulnerable little creatures and it always make me sad  so to deal with that and before inearth it respectfully I made a small collage
I wish you all an artsy day .

donderdag 6 juli 2017

Surprised myself about my long absence here .

I really was surprised myself realizing how long it's been I posted some news here and I am so sorry for you readers you had to wait for such a long time . I think the reason for it is life in general , caretaking for someone special in my life and me struggling with a hernia and FB and  instagram yes social media can be so overwhelming . All this I realized after reading the wonderful blog of a lovely friend who is on a "Socialnetwork Diët" doesn't that sounds amazing although I have to confess I miss his wonderful posts but I know where to find him .
Well in the meantime I've been on a holliday to the Greek Island Mykonos , yes close friends do know I am addicted to the Cyclades . And as always I made a few sketches in my travel journal , which I will show you here . I also started a new sketchbook, a larger format than I am used to , a Watercolor Book Hahnemühle 30x22 cm , I have to admit that it's a new way finding out how to do the lay out on the pages not that I am thinking a lot as one page can have drawings made on different days . I was inspired by the awesome artist Nina Johansson who is also a teacher in the adorable Sketchbookskool , well lets treat you with a lot of sketches , I will spoil you next time with a collage and after that with my new painting who is drying on my easel. Take care and hope to see you again soon .

woensdag 19 april 2017

A new sketchbook for portraits .

I started a new sketchbook (#trav.e.logue #Global art materials) which I only will fill with portraits . The first two are made in pencil .
I made a portrait of Mr. Haruki Murakami and the other oh I am sure I have not to mention who he is and if you wonder WHY I drew him well certainly not of any political reason just because I was caught by the eye of the artist and well because I am almost sure he's the man with the most developed "Orbicularis Oris" 😏

#drawing #portraitdrawing #sketch #sketchbook #pencildrawing
Wish you all a beautiful day .

zondag 5 maart 2017

Oil painting 'Do you feel lonely sometimes?

A bit later than promised but here is my new painting 40x50 cm / 15"x19 ", this painting is smaller than I am used to make but lately I have that intense desire to start working smaller,it gives me a kind of cosy and intimate feeling so I'll see where it will lead me to .
'Loneliness' is something that keeps me busy, it's still a kind of taboo , something to be kept quiet but a reality in this world filled with virtual "friends" and 'busy' people but not only youngsters  have to deal with this, also  a large number of elderly who have to spend their days without seeing a living soul . What do you think about this ?
Wish you all a beautiful week .

zaterdag 11 februari 2017

Catching up sketching and painting .

How time does fly , didn't realize it was so long ago I posted some sketches , always busy sketching, painting reading books and also went  skiing.
So I hope you enjoy these little artworks in my artjournal . I will post my new painting this week .

woensdag 11 januari 2017

Daily drawings in my sketchbook.

Keep on going sketching every day in my lovely sketchbook of Global Art trav.e.logue , the paper in it is great to work on , just a few pages to go and this one is finished.

#sbsadrawingaday challenge #sketchbook #dailyart #dailysketch #globalart #drawing
Hope you are keeping up too !

zondag 8 januari 2017


I am catching up the newest topics for January in my sketchbook , first I was temped to start a new sketchbook for 2017 and let the few pages in the old one blanco but it didn't feel good so I decided to fill up the old one till the end .....

donderdag 5 januari 2017

Sketchbook vicissitudes.

We always feel that need to start new projects in the begin of the New year . Well normally I am not one of those  list making people but I let myself seduce by subscribing a new kourse of the Sketchbookskool . I hesitated for a long time if I should or shouldn't but I succumbed as it is such a great community .
So here are some sketches I made for the homeworks together with some sketches with the first topics of January .

Wish you good luck with all your projects in the New Year .