donderdag 9 november 2017

"Do you like unexpected visitors ?" #oilpainting #tiny #softcolors #people #cars

I think we Belgian people are not the most easy /flexible when it comes to meet each other , it is certainly not the habbit here to just jump in without previous notice in contrast with more southern countries like f.ex. Greece where it is normal just to jump in whenever you want and you're always welcome , not that you would not be welcome here but we just aren't used to it I suppose. How about you ?
"Do you like unexpected visitors?" oil on canvas 13x18 cm ( 5,12 x 5,91 inch)

and here a little detail
'My pingouin' is my unexpected visitor who likes to show up once in a while in my paintings it started years ago he suddenly 'showed up' ....

I would love to hear how you think about unexpected visitors and I wish you all a wonderfull day and ...who knows...

donderdag 26 oktober 2017

The start of my 'Tiny Adventures' - small paintings .

As I am short in time these days due to real life issues as care taking for my dear Mom, I was looking for a new way and challenge to continue making art on a regular basis . I was charmed by the idea I learned to know  due to the lovely Michael Nobbs who is an artist, podcaster and teadrinker , how to live your life on a gentle and creative pace and to pay attention to  "Tiny Adventures'. You can find out all about it here:
As those who knows me and my work well ,you will notice that I continue to bring through out my paintings small and big issues and questions into our everyday life and I love to do this in a rather 'playful' way.
Like my  lovely friend Kathleen Brown put it so nicely : quote:" I love how your paintings have not only humour, but also a poignant exquisite sadness about them." unquote. This been said she hit the nail on the head.
Well, my personal 'Tiny Adventures' starts here by making small paintings ,which is a challenge as I am used to make large size  paintings for more than 20 years already , but I am all in for it .

"Do you like ice cream? "  diptych 2 x 13x18 cm (5,12 x 7,08 inch) oil on canvas

dinsdag 10 oktober 2017

Traveljournal , sketches of my vacation in Astypalea september 2017.#artjournal , #traveljournal , #watercolor #artbeforebreakfast.

Finally I can share here some of my sketches I 've made during my holidays in September on the lovely and very small Greek Island Astypalea , most of them are made before breakfast . I used pencil, pigment liner , collages and watercolors.

I will put some photos I took as well so you can have a glimpse of this really wonderfull small Island which is not yet spoiled by tourism , it is quiet, authentic and the people are really nice and very hospitable , the food is local , fresh and home made. The vieuws are amazing.

I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful summer .

vrijdag 18 augustus 2017

Fun playing in my sketchbooks.#sketchbook #watercolor #pencildrawing #landscape #people #cartoon

Sometimes in between making paintings I love to play in my sketchbooks , some are made in my Hahnemuehle landscape watercolor sketchbook (30x22 cm) and others I did in my sketchbook from Global Art Materials (13x21 cm) the last one is my most preferred ,actually I bought the landscape format to sketch outside but till now this has not happened.

I hope you too find some time to draw and sketch . Wish you all a beautifil time.

donderdag 27 juli 2017

Painting on envelopes #snailmail #artmail #letters

I love to turn my envelopes into something personal and artsy with a little painting on it to surprise my friends , I love snailmail .

Do you love snailmail too?

dinsdag 18 juli 2017

A sketch in the garden on a beautiful sunny day .#watercolour #sketch #sketchbook #Hahnemühle #dailyart

I made a sketch from  the wildflowers we have sown in our garden to attract butterflies and Bees, and they seems very happy with it . It is in my larger Hahnemühle Watercolour Book (30x22 cm)

I hope you all had some time too to be creative.

maandag 17 juli 2017

New painting :"Do you know what to do now the polar ice caps are melting?"

And here it is ,my new painting about global warming.
Oil on canvas 70x60 x2 cm .
"Do you know what to do now the polar ice caps are melting?"
When I just finished this painting I heard on the news about the giant burst in the ice sheet on Antarctica, it's time to take action !
Through my paintings I try to bring big issues and questions into our everyday life and I love to do this in a rather 'playful' way.
ps.the name on the painting is digital.
I hope you will give this a thought and wish you a beautiful day.
#globalwarmingup #polarcaps #icecaps #Antarctica #pingouins