woensdag 26 oktober 2016

Award Visual Arts.

I am proud to announce I received the award for Visual Arts from the Municipality of Rumst .

 Wish you all a beautiful colorfully  sunny Autumn day .

dinsdag 25 oktober 2016

Daily sketches in my artjournal .

I did a few sketches, drawings, collages,zentangles in my artjournals . Most of the time these are made in between preparing a new painting.

Wish you all a beautiful week filled with artsy stuff .
#dailysketch #artjournaling #collages #watercolor #doodling #zentangle #adori

donderdag 20 oktober 2016

Holiday sketches Paros - Astypalea september 2016

In september I went to the beautiful Greek Islands Paros and Astypalaia and made some sketches in my artjournal .

#sketchbook  #Cyclades  #Dodhekanisos #Paros #Astypalea #asketchaday #dailysketching #watercolor #artjournal


dinsdag 6 september 2016

My new painting "Do you think we lost our natural Guide?"

"Do you think we lost our natural Guide ? " oil on canvas 60x80 cm

In former times when we wanted to discover new places we had to rely on maps and our inner guide and we left more to chances,  these days  we depend on technical gadgets such as GPS, google maps etc. and I wonder how the use of mechanism will influence the human nature. Where are the real adventurers among us ? 
#oilpaint #painting #gps #guide #pigeon #artwork

woensdag 24 augustus 2016

Pencil drawing in my artjournal

Just love the simplicity of pencil drawing in my artjournal .
Do you love to work with pencil ?
#pencil #drawing #artjournal

zaterdag 6 augustus 2016


I am trying to keep the habbit of daily sketching in my journal .So here are some of my sketches .